Art, Design & Illustration UI & Development C.V. About
Ben Schlessinger - Designer, Developer, Illustrator
I am a Designer and Startup Entrepreneur with a distinguished 20-year career marked by designing and imagining art, ways, means and processes for my own projects as well as contracting with & being employed by successful businesses.

I enjoy the challenges presented by growing a business from the ground up - visualizing its significance to its users, imagining its graphical elements, creating its information flow, and hammering out the technology to make it function.
Skill Set
Web design and development. Skill and technologies include: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Vue.js, React, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, hand illustration with pencil, ink, watercolor, and oil paint.
Projects include: PassingPlan, Rail Rivals, and Glimmerwigg

Clients include: MTCFasTrak, PassingPlan, OneWorld, RailRivals, Genentech, Gauger & Associates, Zynga, Lady Gaga, Tribe, Salon, Cyworld, Stryker, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, VMware, San Mateo Schools, SF Opera Company, YesVideo, Boogar Lists, and others.
Senior Graphic Designer & UI Developer, Dorado
Built and designed client websites using Dorado Scenario Server technology and XML. Clients include Washington Mutual Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, First Ohio Bank, George Mason Mortgage Corporation, H&R Block, Wells Fargo and others. Using Javascript, XML, HTML, CSS and proprietary technologies, I built customized, dynamic online mortgage tools for banks to manage loan applications and associated information.
Senior Graphic Designer, Dorado
All design, engineering, maintenance of website, all collateral graphic material for print and the Internet, design for Dorado clients, Dorado products, and anything else. Fluent in all essential web building applications and technologies. Dorado continues to use logo I designed.
Freelance Graphic Designer
Illustrated, designed & built Web sites, graphical elements, logos & advertisements for such clients as, College News Online, ZD Net News, Hooked On Phonics,, NBCi & others.
Graphic Designer/Illustrator, FreeLoader, Inc.
Responsible for daily illustration of news articles, advertisements and diverse promotional material using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Specular Infini-D, as well as traditional methods. Created animated GIFs, Macromedia Director movies as well as Quick Time animations in Specular Infini-D. Did interface design and maintenance as well as logo and icon design. Consultant, Compact Publishing

Created original artwork for Compact Publishing's award-winning Man of the Year and Time Magazine CD ROM. Created demographic maps, charts, graphs and various graphical elements in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Cleaned and enhanced scanned images in Adobe Photoshop.
Two years of apprenticeship under master painter, Walter Nobbe, The Hague, Netherlands

Two Year Certificate from De Vrai Academie, The Hague, Netherlands

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA