Thrilling Tales From Designland...

Our story's beginning lies deep within the mists of time, in the Pretweetian Epoch -- an era after the dinosaurs yet before the Internet -- a time of "pens", "ink", & "paper". No iPads were there then; nay, nor even laptops. Those were days of print and film. Designers used the primitive non-digital tools available to them to create all their ads, movies, comics, animations, etc. It was a laborious and painstaking way to eke out a living.

Yet your protagonist survived. And thrived. And evolved, keeping pace with the rapid, radical changes in the design environment into beings the like of which the world had never before seen! Preserving the artistic skills that had served them faithfully in the dark ages, they augmented them a thousandfold with the mind-roasting digital powers burgeoning all around them. They mastered the uncouth HTML, the intransigent Adobe products, the weirdling Javascript, the brash PHP, and the eerie, ineffable CSS3.

Domesticated, these creatures of the Mesogooglian plains and forests now cheerfully do our bidding. Today, can put them to work for you.