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This is the portfolio and web presence of Ben Schlessinger, designer, developer, illustrator, and artist.

Here you'll find my CV, Web Developer and Web Design portfolio and three different galleries of art: Watercolor, Oil Paint, and Graphic Design.

You're welcome to contact me. Just mouse over the little griffin in the upper right corner for my phone number (415 999 8225) and email address (

I'm open to and available for work. I'd be more than happy to go over your web or graphic design project with you. I have years of experience with the full stack of web development from design, layout & UI (Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma) to writing front end code (HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Vue, PHP) to database creation and maintenance in MySQL. I am also proficient with print graphics and traditional hand illustration using pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints.

Excellent references and testimonials available on request. Here are a few examples:

Ben has worked for OneWorld Communications, our digital ad agency in San Francisco on various web related projects. He was our web programmer for our client, Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) FasTrak and did all the programming for the new web site which we wrote and designed and which launched FasTrak. This customer-facing website was comprised of many pages, tables, and informational graphics. Part of Ben's scope of work for our client, was to coordinate with Xerox Corporation who provided the back-end enterprise system to integrate the two web interfaces.

I highly recommend Ben for his proficiency with HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, MySQL, Vue.js React, npm, Git, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and his communication skills. He is extremely pleasant to work with always delivers on-time and within budget.

He also has a wonderful sense of humor!

-- Fiona McDougall, Film Producer

I was in dire need of a new website for my business as it had not been updated in years. I was reluctant to make the change as I was accustomed to working with the site. A friend recommended Ben Schlessinger to me for website design. I was so happy that I made the call! He got back to me immediately and listened patiently to all my needs. Throughout the process of building the site he made multiple changes along the way so I was completely happy with the final result. The website was difficult to construct as each month it changes according to my business schedule. I also wanted the ability to work on the site myself which he made possible. What I found so lovely about Ben is his calm demeanor. I am a slow learner and he guided me through the process of making changes on my site. Anytime I had trouble he responded in a timely fashion. My website is now easily navigated and I have had multiple comments on how much clients love the new site. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who is looking for a new or redesigned site.

-- Erin Pick, Owner, Pickdance Studio

I have hired Ben a second time to add onto my website because I could not think of working with anyone else. Ben is open minded, johnny on the spot, patient, creative and flexible. He is very focused towards his work and always willing to learn & improve as well as contribute great ideas and designs. I highly recommend Ben for you web design needs. Check out his art too!

-- Kim Brady, Green Lifestyle Consultant at TLC

Not only is Ben one of the most talented artists I've ever met, he's incredibly adept at turning words and concepts into compelling images. I've hired him to create and design Web banners, landing pages, print ads for national publications and email marketing campaigns. In each case, he delivered products that helped improve conversions and responses. I'm looking forward to working with Ben again -- we always have fun, and he makes me look great!

-- Walter Thompson, Editorial Manager at TechCrunch

I hired Ben Schlessinger as the front-end developer for my start-up PassingPlan, a unique end-of-life services marketplace. Ben interacted and coordinated with the design team and back-end development team to create an aesthetically beautiful and technologically highly functional service marketplace platform. The platform serves (generally grieving) customers on one side(B2C) and (generally small) service providers on the other (B2B). It is a highly complex, data driven multi-piece project. On the B2C side, customers view service “packages” with provider provided images, videos, and documents. Customers filter packages by preferences in time, and services provided, coordinate dates and delivery addresses, and pay for services by one or more persons. On the B2B side, service providers create accounts giving them a brand presence and provides small businesses with an easy digital transformation tool. Providers create packages with images, videos etc., tagged by preferences so customers can find the packages they want. It provides a communication mechanism between customers and service providers, it documents sales and keeps track of sales taxes paid and downloads all the data for tax preparation. Ben instituted Vue.js enabling ease of instituting the CSS design elements, incorporated maps, calendars, cost-sharing, and transactions; a very intricate collection of data hand-offs & dependencies. Quite a bit of logic. Ben executed every phase of this project within budget and deadline and with unfailing professionalism while contributing valuable input & insight at out development meetings. He also never failed to enliven our meetings with his sense of humor and an unflagging encouragement of the project and team.

-- Janice Nickel, PhD, CoFounder at PassingPlan, Inc.