This project is a original. When we realized that young people were ignoring or leaving Twitter in favor of Instagram, we began work on Glimmerwigg. The basic idea was a conflation of the two social media strategies in which a user takes a snapshot that they could caption with a short message imbedded into the image.

With ourselves as the client, we were at liberty to design as fancifully as we pleased. And so, decided to take inspiration from 70s illustrator great, Roger Dean, known for his work on Yes albums.

We paired the sci-fi logo with an austere gradient background that lends the pages an illusion of shining depth and button & form elements that fade into and out of the background. We also decided to use an authoritative serifed font (Goudy Old Style) to give a certain gravitas.
Gauger & Assoc.
Gauger & Associates is, in their own words, "a dynamic and collaborative marketing and communications agency creating big ideas by telling powerful brand stories that inspire". And indeed they are. Among the people with whom they collaborate is We work with Gauger & Associates and their clients to fulfill their web design and development needs.

Located in the Tiffany building on Union Square in downtown San Francisco, Gauger & Associates works with a diverse spectrum of American and European brands. They choose for their online ad design, web & mobile design, development, and planning.
Rail Rivals
Rail Rivals is a two person game where opponents gain point by occupying segment of railway and build stop & stations. The first player to reach 100 points is the winner. To quote our Facebook page:

“Rail Rivals is a fun and fast-paced casual game slated for release this summer. Compete with friends to expand your railroad empire while claiming territory and harvesting precious resources. Unite a nation and become the ultimate Rail Rival!”

Ray Martone, Dorian Patchin and I worked together on this Facebook (soon to be mobile, too) game in which my roles were principally art director and production artist. I designed and drew all elements of this game using Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.
Dandy Lion Press
Dandy Lion Press is a letterpress greeting card company that sells to retailers all over the world, including Anthropologie, Paper Chase, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and hundreds of others. Most of its orders are handled through the web site.

One of our bigger projects, we built this commercial transaction website in 2010. designed the site, developed content management tools, created a set of tools to monitor and track users, a system for differentiating between individual buyers and wholesale buyers that automatically creates and sends PDF invoices for each order, and we also hand-coded the shopping cart (which allows for purchases by credit card, check, or PayPal).

Dandy Lion Press also uses our illustration services. regularly contributes hand-illustrated designs for use as greeting cards.
Lady Gaga
No, no one ever met or even spoke directly to Lady Gaga herself. Not physically meeting clients isn't all that uncommon. Nevertheless, it's too bad we didn't get to meet Lady Gaga.

This project was also unusual in that there really wasn't a lot of direction. We were given some assets in the form of photos and copy and told to make of them what we could.

We submitted a number of design comps and one day got an email asking for layered Photoshop files for one of them.
FasTrak MTC
Working with agency, OneWorld I designed and hand-coded the Bay Area’s FasTrak web site front end. I also designed and modified the MTC FasTrak’s Help website.

The main Fastback site is Bootstrap/MeanMenu/Superfish, hand-written, and responsive. Tools & technology used include Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. The web site design presented some unique layout problems, requiring original css/javascript solutions, e.g., a full-screen responsive background image with content below it always flush to the top of its div. The back end was handled by Xerox, using page templates of my design.

The auxiliary Help web site is a modified instance of Wordpress template twenty thirteen. It was intended to be used as an appendix or set of footnotes for clarifying and providing more detailed instructions on the more obscure procedures outlined in the main site. I added plugins and modified the PHP files to accommodate the client’s needs.